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Worlds Fair 1934 original poster small
Worlds Fair 1934 original poster small
Original poster for Chicago's Century of Progress 1934 19.5 x 14 inches
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Item Details
Poster Name:
Chicago Worlds Fair original poster 1933

Item #: 791
Artist: Walter Ohlson
Condition: B-, on linen
Item Date: 1933
Price/ea: $1,500.00

This image reads "As seen from Lake Michigan at Night" and is the same as appeared on the cover of the Official Book of the Fair. It reads copyright 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair. The poster serves as a map with letters and numbers along the border. The legend along the bottom allows the viewer to pinpoint 50 buildings and attractions at the fair. The signature reads Walter Ohlson. Make sure you see a second Chicago Worlds fair image we have for sale.

We have never seen this image before and asked a Chicago gallery that specalizes in Worlds Fair Images; they have never seen it either. Unless otherwise informed, we consider this image to be very rare.

We rate this poster to be in B- condition. While the poster is not mising any paper it had several small tears starting at the border and entering the image. The poster was pulled from an old used book shop it had been rolled, flattened and forgotten. As a result, there were heavy horizontal fold lines approximately every 2 inches across the width of the poster. This required quite a bit of restoration. The image remains far from pristine despite restoration, but given its scarcity, Worlds Fair enthusiasts and collectors will find this image a gem for their collection.

Chicago Worlds Fair original poster 1933
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