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Item Details
Poster Name:
Cavalry Life RARE Original WWI poster

Item #: 811
Condition: B-, on linen
Item Date: 1920
Price/ea: $4,000.00

In the aftermath of WWI, the U.S. government was mindful of keeping a well trained civilian force fit and ready. More than a dozen images showcase life in the US Army Cavalry. The poster also contains a line from Civil War Commander Jeb Stuart's song "If you want a good time 'Jine' the Cavalry!"

This rare image remains in good condition, but it is not without flaws and required some restoration. Still at 95 years young, it's amazing that any of these images survive. While there was no paper replacement there is a certain amount of distress and crinkling nearly all limited to the border. The most significant damage is in the center area above the images where it reads "Plenty of good sport" and extending to the right to "In the Garrison". A total area about 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall was impacted, but the images and nearly the entire white area were unaffected. We rate this image a B/B-.

Cavalry Life RARE Original WWI poster
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